Kundvagnen är tom 

Lammbutiken in Äpplerum – Natural Timeless Genuine – Welcome!

Lambskin fells

Natural, Timeless and Genuine is what we stand for. The sheep gives us wool that is being washed and combed. The lamb gives us the best meat that the nature can present from grass and herbs. It gives us also fantastic grey curled soft fells which are unique in its shine.

Culinary delicacies

Natural, Timeless and Genuine is what we want to give you. We make it ourselves. Season and resources will regulate the assortment. I.e. flowering quince creates an exciting and tasteful jelly. It is from rhubarb, plum and apple we create chutney. The sea buckthorn – so healthy!


The farms honey is delectable! Especially the natural first honey harvested. We use the honey to make; figs in cognac, lemon honey and chocolate honey. It is also found in our skin care products.

We also rent out rooms, so please contact us if you looking for a nice place to stay for a day or two.



Marie & Carl Magnus